Tower Packing

Tower Packing Alternatives

The alternatives available in type, size and material of construction are wide and varied with its own specific characteristics and sutability for particular needs. Ideally the selection of a packing should be a problem in economics, but practically it varies with several factors. The selection is made from one or two types of packings and between a range of sizes within these types. Generally speaking smaller the size of the packing, higher the efficiency associated with lower capacity. Larger sizes lower the efficiency associated with higher capacity.

The material of construction will depend on temperature, pressure and the chemical environment.


Material of Construction

General Service Application

Limiting Factors


Neutral and acid

Fluorine compound, Hot caustic above 70 degree F.


Alkali, Salts and acids depending on choice or resin

Temperature, Higher
initial cost.


Hot alkalies, acids, depending on metal.

Highly corrosive environment, Higher Initial cost.

The following important characteristics of packings must be borne in mind whilst selecting the type, size and material of the packing.

 Size of tower.

 Pressure / temperature of operation.

 Irregularity of shape to prevent pattern packing.

 Low resistance to material flow (pressure drop).

 Rough / reticulated surface for large exposed active surface area per unit of packing with large number of interstitial transferpoints.

 Complete utilization of surface for mass transfer.

 Suitable shapes to produce turbulent contact.

 Good wetting characteristics.

 Wide operating range with small variations in efficiency.

 High mechanical strength.

 Low weight and low side thrust on tower shell.

 Open design to minimize choking.

 Low cost.

 Availability in wide variety of materials

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