Nilgiris Chemical Stoneware Company (P) LTD.

The Tower Packing People


Our plant was commissioned in 1964, for the sole purpose of providing tower packings of different types in alternate materials of construction, at the lowest possible cost for the discerning customer under a single roof. The plant is located in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, South INDIA

The range of products include Raschig Rings, Partition Rings, Pall Rings, INT-LOX Saddles, Berl Saddles, Honeycomb Saddles, Triangles, besides Catalyst Bed Supports, Grinding Media, Porous balls and Ferrules. Materials of construction include Ceramic Bodies, Hi Alumina, Zirconia, etc., Plastics (PP, HDPE, PVC), Carbon, Graphite and Metals (Ferrous and Non Ferrous).

Our range of services include selection of size, shape and material of construction of towerpackings and consultancy services for applications using HDPE pipes .

Our comprehensive Knowledge Base section provides information on Tower Packings, Tower Packings - Alternatives, Guidelines for ordering packings and Packing procedures. We follow quality control norms as per Indian Standards IS: 7087, 1979.